ICAA 2019 Exhibitor No-Burn®, Inc. – Booth #205

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ICAA 2019 Exhibitor No-Burn®, Inc. – Booth #205

Visit booth 205 for the latest No-Burn® updates. On October 10-12, No-Burn® representatives are on-site to discuss new test data, provide fire protective solutions for your next project, and more.

No-Burn®, Inc. is a manufacturer of passive fire protective coatings known as intumescent and fire retardant coatings. As a component in an alternative ignition barrier assembly and/or alternative thermal barrier assembly, No-Burn® passively protects spray polyurethane foam insulation by delaying the temperature rise of the foam, and by delaying or preventing the foam from igniting. Coatings exceed or are equivalent to that which is prescribed in the building code.

Visit No-Burn®, Inc. on the webLinkedIn, and YouTube for frequent company and product updates, such as but not limited to, new test data, Evaluation Reports ER 305 and TER 1905-03 with additional spray polyurethane foam assemblies. For more information call (800) 989-8577 at your convenience and ask for sales.

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