Installation Services

Code-specific and scope-compliant fire protective coatings with market presence, sizeable distribution and inspection-ready installation. Clients value our subject matter expertise: installer qualification, product installation management and technical support.

The proper application and installation of No-Burn intumescent coatings is critical for product safety and effectiveness. That’s why it’s important that our coatings are installed by professionals who have learned the best practices for installation and administrative reporting.

At No-Burn, we qualify and train professional installers to apply our coatings in accordance with the codes Evaluation Reports and Design Listings. Qualified installers verify that the product is applied at the proper wet-film thickness, consistency, temperature, and coverage rate. Once complete, the qualified installer will provide an installation certificate and any applicable tags.

Because we work with a national network of installers, we are able to connect you with professionals who align with your scope of work and help keep your project on schedule.

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Become a No-Burn Installer

Interested in becoming an installer for No-Burn? We offer FireWise Training for contractors, which teaches the proper processes.

Using both real-time and independent instruction, trainees will learn the proper field conditions and safety precautions for proper product installation, as well as the administrative and reporting aspects of installation. Assessments require a score of 75% or above to pass.

Training includes an overview of the following competencies:

In addition, installers must complete an installer qualification renewal every year once training is complete, in order to stay on top of manufacturer and product advancements as well as new installation techniques and clarifications. As with the initial training, renewal qualification requires installers to pass an assessment with a score of 75% or greater.