No-Burn Plus ThB

Spray on Thermal Barrier, Fire Resistant Paint

Thermal barrier base white fire-resistant paint for spray polyurethane foam insulation.

Product Overview

As spray polyurethane foam becomes the preferred insulation choice in commercial and residential construction, this highly combustible material requires a fire resistant paint or coating that may be installed on the interior as a thermal barrier spray to keep your building safe and fire code compliant.

No-Burn Plus ThB is an intumescent fire protective coating for interior and unconditioned spaces, where spray polyurethane foam insulation is installed. Used as a component in an alternative thermal barrier, an alternative ignition barrier, and/or an exterior fire rated wall assembly, No-Burn Plus ThB passively protects the spray foam insulation in the event of a fire by delaying the rise in temperature, which in turn delays or prevents the spray foam from igniting.

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Tested and Certified to Coat the Leading Spray Foams

No-Burn Plus ThB, available in white and gray with the field option to tint to charcoal, is tested and approved to coat the leading brands of spray polyurethane foam insulation.

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Hear From Our Customers

Prior to using No-Burn Plus ThB, our fire resistive paints were very inconsistent quality. This led to downtime, problems in the field, and problems maintaining equipment. Since using No-Burn Plus ThB, our efficiency has picked up drastically and now we can worry about the things that matter most. Make no mistake, No-Burn is the best, most user-friendly product of its kind.

Spray Foam Contractor

New York

Our crew used the material on a site last week without issues. This product mixed well with our current equipment and sprayed without issue. It appears the coverage is consistent with the manufacturer's specs.

Icynene Spray Foam Contractor