Architectural Specifications

Specify No-Burn intumescent and fire retardant coatings for your next residential or commercial project. We can help provide the documentation you need for your application to simplify your design process and meet the code requirements. 

For Architects and Specifiers

Achieve the building codes and standards needed by specifying No-Burn intumescent coatings for your construction applications. To simplify your design process, we’ve produced detailed 3-part specifications that seamlessly integrate with your design and build project plans, customizable to fit your needs.

Download 3-Part Specifications

Foamed-in-Place Insulation

Specify No-Burn as your thermal or ignition barrier over spray polyurethane foam insulation. Our products are tested and approved to coat a wide variety of foam insulation brands, achieving the required code and standard.


Intumescent Paint

Specify No-Burn for your fire protection requirements. Our products are designed for use in new and existing buildings and comply with surface-burning characteristics, fire resistance assemblies, thermal barrier assemblies, and ignition barrier assemblies.


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For Contractors

No-Burn intumescent paints and coatings offer an easy, cost-efficient single-coat application that’s preferred by contractors. If our product is not specified in your building project plan, you can still achieve the required code-compliance you need by using our paints and coatings as an equivalent or substitution. Review our submittal sheets below for details on your specified applications, and contact us to learn more.