About No-Burn, Incorporated

A trusted fire protection company with code-compliant solutions.

No-Burn, Inc., in the US and internationally, is recognized as a premier passive fire protective coatings manufacturer. Since 1998, as a US-based manufacturer, No-Burn, Inc. has produced products that satisfy building codes, stringent fire standards, and third-party listing and labeling procedures.

It is simply No-Burn, Inc.’s business to bring you superior products, field support, and technical services. As an industry expert on thin-film intumescents and fire retardant coatings, and as an active member of the construction and codes communities, No-Burn, Inc. is dedicated to the continual improvement and industry advancement of coatings to meet building codes and participates in code development at the international and local levels.

When you select and install No-Burn, rest assured that the products are highly capable and tested to provide the passive fire protection you need for fire performance compliance and peace of mind.

Explore Our Products

No-Burn manufactures a variety of passive fire protective coatings for commercial and residential construction. We also offer a line of do-it-yourself fire retardant coatings.

Intumescent Coatings

No-Burn intumescent coatings act as a shield in the presence of fire. We provide coatings for lumber applications, as well as thermal barriers and ignition barriers for spray polyurethane foam insulation.

Fire Retardant Coatings

No-Burn fire retardant coatings are available for retail purchase. These DIY coatings are easy to apply and provide Class A or Class 1 fire protection for wood products, paper materials, decorations and fabric.