Policies & Procedures

Purpose: To clearly define and communicate the policies and procedures, including the intended use of No-Burn® products.

Policies & Procedures:

1. No-Burn® product(s) are installed by certified applicators, as required, and available through a network of preferred distributors and/or suppliers.

The installation of No-Burn® product(s) is/are subject to the project and the requests of the client. For these reasons, the manufacturer and No-Burn® installer warrant that the product, in its original form from the manufacturer, will be stored, mixed and applied as directed in the guidelines from No-Burn®, Inc., to every reasonably accessible area that has been specified for protection.

2. The manufacturer (referred to as No-Burn®, Inc. or NBI) reserves the right to provide guidance to clients for the intended use of No-Burn® product(s).

It is strongly encouraged to always sample a small area, regardless of substrate, for compatibility with No-Burn® product(s) including any overcoat or finish coat. Installers are guided on the installation of No-Burn® product(s) and for this reason it is encouraged that No-Burn® product(s), when required, be installed by certified applicators.

3. The repacking of No-Burn® product(s) is/are not permitted.

No-Burn® product(s) are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities and require no modifications prior to application. Refer to the Technical Data Sheet(s) for further information. Questions? Contact the No-Burn® team.

4. No-Burn® product(s) are tested, marketed and sold for the intended uses described by the manufacturer. Additional intended uses may be feasible and should be discussed with the manufacturer prior to implementation or application.

There may be situations and materials which No-Burn® product(s) will not prevent a fire from igniting or retard the progress of a fire. Prior to the use of No Burn® product(s), please verify that the intended use is or has been recommended and clearly defined in the scope of work.

5. The acquisition of No-Burn® product(s) is/are ultimately determined by No-Burn®, Inc., its preferred distributors and/or its suppliers.

No-Burn®, Inc. will accommodate, to the best of their ability, client requests within the parameters of the policies and procedures that are herein defined.

6. No-Burn®, Inc. warrants that the No-Burn® product formula will be manufactured to the same specifications and quality, and will perform equally to the tests performed by the independent laboratories when properly applied by the No-Burn® applicator.

There may be situations and materials for which No-Burn® product(s) will not prevent a fire from igniting or retard the progress of a fire. Reference the Technical Data Sheet(s) for further clarification and/or contact the manufacturer.

7. The manufacturer trains and certifies installers, as required, for quality control and reserves the right to revoke this certification, from any previously certified applicator, at their discretion.

Periodic and/or annual renewal of certification is necessary. Renewal certification and/or certification are only valid from manufacturer.

8. Subject to market conditions, No-Burn®, Inc. reserves the right to increase prices, at their discretion.

No-Burn® product(s) are always competitively priced. To the best of their ability, No-Burn®, Inc. will notify clients should product prices increase.

9. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 8am EST until 4:00pm EST, Fridays from 8am EST until 3pm EST and are subject to change in observance of a holiday. To the best of their ability, No-Burn®, Inc. will expedite orders received prior to 1pm EST the same business day. Orders received after 1pm EST will be expedited the following business day. Questions? Contact the No-Burn® team.

Product orders shall be expedited in a timely manner, in accordance with daily hours of operation. Questions? Contact us.

10. During seasonably cold and/or inclement weather conditions, the manufacturer reserves the right to withhold product and/or change shipping policies at their discretion. Questions? Contact the No-Burn® team.

During seasonably cold and/or inclement weather conditions, No-Burn® product(s) will be shipped Monday-Wednesday only. Orders requiring expedited delivery should be placed no later than Tuesday 1pm EST. Questions? Contact the No-Burn® team.

11. No-Burn® product(s) is/are consistently manufactured and shipped in “good condition.” Good condition is defined as the overall satisfactory appearance of the product packaging and the accuracy of the Bill of Lading. In the event that No-Burn® product(s) is/are not delivered in “good condition” the carrier must assure that the Bill of Lading is signed by the receiver indicating any discrepancies. Further questions or concerns should be directed to customer service.

Should No-Burn® product(s) not be in “good condition,” as noted by the receiver (and documented on the Bill of Lading), it is the receiver’s sole responsibility to notify No-Burn®, Inc. within 24 hours of material receipt for further consideration and troubleshooting. Should No-Burn® product(s) be designated as not in “good condition” by the carrier, No-Burn®, Inc. will be notified and contact the intended receiver promptly. It is strongly encouraged that the discrepancies in the material be photographically documented and sent to No-Burn®, Inc.’s customer service immediately.