Alternative Thermal Barrier Assemblies: No-Burn® Plus ThB & Icynene

Alternative Thermal Barrier Assemblies: No-Burn® Plus ThB & Icynene

No-Burn® Plus ThB has successfully tested to meet IRC® and IBC® requirements as a component in an alternative thermal barrier assembly.  Plus ThB is an intumescent fire protective coating for interior spaces where spray polyurethane foam is installed, providing the fire protection and Class III vapor retardency as code requires for residential, light commercial and commercial construction.  In accordance with AC377 and AC456, Plus ThB and Icynene Open Cell Spray Foam assemblies are now listed in IAPMO Evaluation Report ER 305.  Plus ThB is a low VOC waterbased intumescent coating, achieving fire performance as a component in an alternative thermal barrier assembly at the lowest wet film thickness over Icynene’s Open Cell Spray Foams.  Certified installers, nationwide, may take advantage of this system to satisfy the building codes.

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Technical Information:

Evaluation Report (ER 305)

TB’s and IB’s for the SPF Industry

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