Use of Topical Coatings with Weyerhaeuser Engineered Wood Products

Weyerhaeuser has recently released a technical bulletin allowing the use of topical coatings over their engineered wood products based upon certain parameters.

No-Burn® Plus meets the topical coating requirements listed in Weyerhaeuser’s Technical Bulletin 310 (TB-310).

No-Burn® Plus is code compliant, has a pH range of 7-8, is applied without pressure or soaking, and does not contain chemicals that are detrimental to wood or engineered wood products.  For more information, or to locate a No-Burn® Plus certified installer contact us, or call (800) 989-8577 at your convenience and ask for sales.

Evaluation Report (ER 305)

No-Burn® Plus Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


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