Issuance of New Evaluation Listing (UEL) 5005

No-Burn®, Inc. is pleased to announce the issuance of Evaluation Listing (UEL) 5005. The products recognized in UEL 5005 have successfully undergone evaluation and are compliant with ASTM E84/ASTM E2768 Standard Test Method for Extended Duration Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (30 minute Tunnel Test).

Fire protective intumescent coatings have long been growing in their use as alternates and alternative assemblies. UEL 5005 substantiates the use, approval and specification of No-Burn® intumescent products. The Evaluation Listing summarizes for building code officials, specifiers, architects and industry the products’ compliance with building code surface burning and extended 20-minute surface burning characteristics.

Evaluation Listing (UEL 5005)

IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service Issues UEL-5005 to No-Burn, Inc., No-Burn Plus and Plus XTR

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