Learn from the Past, Build for Tomorrow


2016 WK3“Building regulation in the United States began in the late 1800s when major cities began to adopt and enforce building codes in response to large fires in densely populated urban areas. The primary intent of early building codes was to reduce the fire risk, but over time, their scope has broadened. Today, building codes are sets of regulations that address structural integrity, fire resistance, safe exits, lighting, ventilation, and construction materials. They specify the minimum requirements to safeguard the health, safety, and general welfare of building occupants” writes the International Code Council (Building Safety Month, WEEK THREE // May 16–22, 2016).

“Progression of the building codes gives manufacturers plentiful opportunities to innovate” stated Bill Kish, President of No-Burn, Inc.  Incorporating innovation increases occupant and responder safety as well as the overall robustness of the facility.  No-Burn, Inc. proudly offers passive fire protective coatings utilized in interior architectural environments, such as a single-family residence’s engineered floor, spray polyurethane foam within attics and crawlspaces and prefabricated wall and roof structural insulated panels (SIPs) without fail.

No-Burn, Inc.’s primary intent is to responsibly produce fire protective products that conform and perform to building codes, selectively distribute and aide in the process of certified product installations.  As the industry continues to Learn from the Past…, No-Burn, Inc. asks that you build with No-Burn intumescent products for a more fire protective tomorrow.

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