Building Codes: A Smart Investment

BSM WEEK 4Homebuilders are rightfully selective with building materials and installation services.  Responsible for producing the biggest investment most people will ever make, entitles a homebuilder to know their options, be intimately acquainted with a product and service’s value and most importantly, life safety attributes.

Making a commitment to use or install one product over another is a balancing act.  Balancing budget, efficiency and finish appearance is the mission, often resulting in the use of a protective No-Burn® coating because all these benefits are included.  Preferring the installation of code equivalent and code alternate fire protective coatings, homebuilders seek No-Burn® intumescent coatings spray-applied to their engineered first floors and spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF) within attics and crawlspaces.

No-Burn® Plus and No-Burn® Plus XD are latex coating products formulated for airless spray application to combustibles, primarily engineered wood and SPF.  During the certified installation of No-Burn®, homebuilders are relieved of inefficiencies gaining affordable passive protection, single installation service call and a more finished surface appearance.  Serving The Top 100 Builders, No-Burn®, Inc.’s coatings protect investments through compliance with the latest codes.

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