Renewal of Evaluation Report, ER #305

No-Burn®, Inc. announces renewal of their evaluation report, ER #305.  The industry may utilize the report for compliance with the 2015, 2012, 2009 and 2006 iCodes.  Renewal of ER #305 showcases No-Burn® in compliance with surface burning characteristics as an interior finish, alternate thermal and ignition barriers and fire resistance. 

Applied to substrates listed in ER #305, No-Burn® is an innovative building product that complies with code requirements.  As previously stated, No-Burn® provides solutions for a variety of intended end-uses, including those that may require an opaque or transparent coating.  Please call our office if you need to be put in contact with a local contractor or installer.

Technical info:
APA Form No.R425, Designing to Meet IRC Fire Protection Provisions for I-Joists Floor Systems


No-Burn® Plus ThB Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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