No-Burn®, Inc. and Quadrant Urethane Technologies Announce Partnership and Approval of No-Burn® Plus XD at Minimal Thickness…

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Revised 28 December 2011
Contact: Lindsay Lenze

No-Burn®, Inc. and Quadrant Urethane Technologies Announce Partnership and
Approval of No-Burn® Plus XD at Minimal Thickness over QuadFoam® 500

 No-Burn®, Inc. and Quadrant Urethane Technologies have partnered to bring Certified Applicators and Dealers best in class ignition barrier protection.  Recent tests in accordance with International Code Council Evaluation Service requirements, per AC 377 Appendix X, designate No-Burn® Plus XD over QuadFoam® 500 an approved non-prescriptive ignition barrier. 

No-Burn® Plus XD and QuadFoam® 500 are cutting-edge products that are continually capturing market share.  “Partnering with industry leading manufacturers is important to us.  Our partnership with Quadrant Urethane Technologies enables Certified parties to sell energy efficient and building code compliant products” stated Bill Kish, President of No-Burn®, Inc.  

The availability of Plus XD to Quadrant Certified parties allows an already competitively priced, high yield open cell foam continued feasibility for International Building Code compliance.  “Working with the No-Burn®, Inc. team has been a great opportunity for us” stated Robert Jamieson, President of Quadrant Urethane Technologies. “The QuadFoam® 500 and No-Burn® Plus XD assembly provides our Applicators with both an economical and high performance system for meeting International Building Codes.”Applied at a minimal thickness of 8 wet mils/ 5 dry mils equating to nearly 200 square feet per gallon when applied over QuadFoam® 500, No-Burn® Plus XD is an:

  • Easy to prepare, apply and clean-up
  • Water-based, low VOC ignition barrier  
  • Visibly white, single coat application
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Betters the built environment contributing to: LEED, AQMD, GSA-P100 & other ratings

No-Burn® Plus XD is available through Quadrant Urethane Technologies.  Orders may be placed directly with Quadrant Urethane Technologies.  Technical questions about QuadFoam® 500, email or call 972-864-0865.  Additionally, No-Burn®, Inc.’s technical support may be reached at, or 800-989-8577.

No-Burn®, Inc. has been leading the way in fire resistance technology since 1998.  All No-Burn® products are evaluated by independent third party laboratories for compliance with International Codes.  No-Burn®’s products are low VOC, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and contribute to the enhancement of the built environment.  Several No-Burn® products also offer a dual level of protection, reducing the risk of fire and resisting the growth of toxic-black mold.  To learn more, please visit our website:, contact sales and technical support,, or call 800-989-8577.

Quadrant Urethane Technologies is a business unit of Quadrant Chemical Corporation, a 40+ year old leader in Manufacturing & Packaging with two ISO 9001:2008 registered factories in the North Texas area. Quadrant caters to six major markets: Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, OTC/Personal Care and now the Spray Foam Insulation & Structural Foam market. Quadrant utilizes Chempax MRP, with SAP interface and we have 20+ years of VOMI experience.

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