No-Burn® Plus XD Approved as an Ignition Barrier at FURTHER Reduced Thickness over ICYNENE LD-C-50®

For Immediate Release 
14 October 2011
Contact: Lindsay Lenze

No-Burn® Plus XD Approved as an Ignition Barrier at
FURTHER Reduced Thickness over ICYNENE LD-C-50®

No-Burn® Plus XD is approved as an ignition barrier coating
over ICYNENE LD-C-50® at 6 wet and/or 4 dry mils. 

No-Burn®, Inc. and Icynene Inc. continue to expand upon their suite of industry-leading product solutions.  Working towards the common goal of producing superior products, No-Burn®, Inc. and Icynene Inc. are now able to offer Licensed Dealers and industry professionals an ignition barrier coating over Icynene’s low density spray foam insulation, ICYNENE LD-C-50®, at a reduced film thickness.  Translating to increased savings and more productive installation rates, at 6 wet and/or 4 dry mils, No-Burn®, Inc.’s Plus XD continues to provide Icynene Inc. and its Dealers with innovative coating solutions to meet International Code Council requirements.  No-Burn®, Inc.’s Plus XD is highly recognized in the marketplace as an easy to apply and readily available, inexpensive ignition barrier. 

Today’s announcement represents the latest in a series of announcements regarding economical coating options for No-Burn® and Icynene’s portfolio of products.  This option is fully tested in accordance with the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria, contained in AC 377 Appendix X, and code compliant under the IRC section 316.6.  It provides new flexibility for designers and builders aiming to be code compliant with the use of Icynene spray foam in attics and crawlspaces.

“As an industry leading manufacturer, No-Burn®, Inc. continues to partner with visionaries such as Icynene providing designers, builders and contractors with practical and advanced weatherproofing product solutions worldwide” stated Bill Kish, President of No-Burn®, Inc. of Wadsworth, Ohio.  Paul Duffy, Vice President of Engineering at Icynene Inc. added, “We are pleased to have new flexibility in terms of lighter coating thickness over our industry leading LD-C-50 light density spray foam.”

No-Burn® Plus XD is available directly from Icynene Inc.  Complimentary No-Burn® applicator training is available to Icynene Dealers.  To ensure efficiency and quality, it’s recommended that Icynene Dealers take the No-Burn® applicator training and direct technical questions about Plus XD to No-Burn®, Inc.

No-Burn®, Incorporated has been leading the way in fire resistance technology since 1998.  All No-Burn® products are evaluated by independent third party laboratories for compliance with International Codes.  No-Burn®’s products are low VOC, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and contribute to the enhancement of the built environment.  Several No-Burn® products also offer a dual level of protection, reducing the risk of fire and resisting the growth of toxic-black mold.  To learn more, please visit our website:, email us,, or contact us at 800-989-8577.

Icynene Inc. offers a portfolio of light and medium density foam insulation products that are designed to help create Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® environments. Since 1986, Icynene has been the insulation of choice for green building around the world, setting a standard for energy performance, comfort and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Icynene’s products are distributed (throughout North America, Australia, Asia and Europe) through a network of Icynene Licensed Dealers and Distributors who perform installation on-site for each custom application.  For more information, contact: Icynene Marketing Communications

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