No-Burn® Plus Intumescent Coating Meets Ignition Barrier Requirements over Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Plastic Insulation

For Immediate Release
8 February 2010
Contact: Lindsay Lenze

No-Burn® Plus Intumescent Coating Meets Ignition Barrier Requirements
over Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Plastic Insulation

No-Burn®, Incorporated has recently participated in testing with its No-Burn® Plus intumescent coating over spray polyurethane foam plastic insulation manufactured by BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises LLC to achieve the required ignition barrier rating for code compliance under applicable sections of the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). No-Burn® Plus intumescent coating is accepted for use over BASF’s semi-rigid, open-cell polyurethane foam plastic insulation, branded ENERTITE® US, in attics and crawlspaces without a prescriptive ignition barrier per AC377 test results and as referenced in the recently released IAPMO ES Report No. 0172.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the testing performed with No-Burn® Plus over this foam plastic insulation product,” stated Bill Kish, President of No-Burn®, Incorporated of Wadsworth, Ohio. Mr. Kish continued, “This provides users of this product with a practical and economically attractive option for meeting ignition barrier requirements, and fits nicely with our continuing efforts to develop and market high performance coating products that have a meaningful impact on our customers and other stakeholders. We look forward to continuing to expand our presence in the spray foam industry by providing innovative products that offer tangible benefit to the customers we share with providers of SPF.”

According to the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, “Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation is rigid, lightweight, flexible, wind resistant, and effective in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. SPF insulation has the highest R-value per square inch of any commercially available insulation material.”

No-Burn® Plus intumescent paint has a host of end-uses including application as a fire protection measure over wood, gypsum wallboard, and a wide variety of other paintable surfaces. Additional information may be obtained by contacting No-Burn®, Inc. at 800-989-8577, email to or through the Web: To learn more about BASF Polyurethane Foam Enterprises LLC, please visit

No-Burn®, Incorporated has been leading the way in the field of fire resistance technology since 1998. By removing the fuel a fire needs to burn, these products dramatically reduce the possibility of a fire ever starting when applied over substrates such as wood, drywall, fabric, carpet, furniture, fiber-reinforced plastic and many other materials. Equally important, No-Burn® can reduce toxic smoke by as much as 80 percent. All No-Burn® products carry a “Class A” rating and are completely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Several No-Burn® products also offer a dual level of protection, reducing the risk of fire and resisting the growth of toxic-black mold. To learn more, please visit our website:, or contact us at 800-989-8577 / 330-336-1500.

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