Spray-applied to act as a shield in the presence of fire, intumescent coatings and intumescent fire-resistive coatings protect the treated substrate.  By intumescing, to many times their original wet film thickness, and creating a char-barrier, No-Burn®, Inc.’s intumescent coatings significantly decrease the substrate’s char rate.  Intumescent coatings are opaque and visibly distinguishable when applied to the substrate.  Opaque or white in color, intumescent coatings provide site-applied fire protection to various substrates in accordance with our evaluation report, ER 305 and other evaluation reports containing No-Burn®, Inc.’s intumescent coatings.  

Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 facilities, intumescent coatings are water-based, low VOC content and low VOC emissive formulations.  These attributes coupled with manufacturer certified installation encourage the use and feasibility of passive fire protection products, such as intumescent coatings.  No-Burn®, Inc.'s intumescent coatings offer you turnkey building science solutions that are second to none.

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