Spray-applied or brushed-on, fire retardant coatings (FRCs) provide treated materials with best in class passive fire protection.  No-Burn®, Inc.’s fire retardant coatings have all received “Class A” or “Class 1” designations, in accordance with international building codes and the National Fire Protection Association’s standards, over a variety of substrates.  These coatings are manufactured with a transparent finish, but tinting may be applicable for select No-Burn® fire retardant coatings.

Fire retardant coatings provide site-applied fire protection to various substrates in accordance with our evaluation report, ER 305.  Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 facilities, fire retardant coatings are water-based, low VOC content and low VOC emissive formulations, meeting stringent national and state standards, such as South Coast Air Quality Management District’s VOC regulations as well as VOC criteria for use in California District of Public Health (CDPH) buildings.  To meet the needs of our customers, No-Burn®, Inc. offers certified fire retardant coating installations and DIY fire retardant coatings available through select retail outlets.       

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