No-Burn Fabric Fire Protection

Fire Retardant Spray for Fabric

You can extend No-Burn’s fire retardant properties to natural and synthetic textiles, including curtains, carpets and upholstered items with No-Burn Fabric Fire Protection. This fire retardant spray for fabric is a transparent, water-based coating that reduces flame spread and smoke development when exposed to flames and high temperatures.

Product Overview

Eliminate or dramatically reduce the spread of flame in a single coat with this do-it-yourself fabric fire retardant spray. No-Burn Fabric Fire Protection spray is certified and approved as a transparent, fire protective fabric spray ideal for use in your home, office or classroom. More school districts are now requiring this level of fabric fire protection in the classroom for their local fire marshal inspections. When applied on natural and synthetic materials, this spray achieves interior finish classification Class A or Class 1 and is in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s, NFPA 701.

No-Burn Fabric Fire Protection is perfect for use in both residential as well as commercial applications, for a non-toxic, zero-VOC solution for reducing flame spread and smoke. It meets stringent California Department of Public Health (CDPH) standards. Contact us to learn how a flame retardant fabric spray can be part of your fire protection plan.

Hear From Our Customers

I am a welder and I bought this spray-on flame resistant product because the FR jackets that I wear get dirty. And when they're washed, after about three times, the FR element/ability is gone. With the jackets costing about $22.00 and up, it is far cheaper to re-apply a FR protectant than it is to keep buying jackets. The FR compound is made from alkaline salts, which is non-toxic, so that is also a bonus, plus it's Made in U.S.A.

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