No-Burn® Specialty Intumescent Coating Continues to Amaze!


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02 September 2008
Contact: Lindsay Lenze

No-Burn® Incorporated

From Good to Great!
No-Burn®‘s Specialty Intumescent Coating Continues to Amaze!

No-Burn® surface applied fire-retardant coatings have come a long way since their market introduction in 1998. The company’s product development and testing accomplishments have allowed it to expand from an organization primarily focused on providing fire protection for homeowners and home-builders to a global company operating in fire and mold protection environments as diverse as strip mall construction and transportation equipment.  The technology is advanced, the concept is simple, and the economic advantages from using these products to replace other construction methods can be HUGE!

First, the fundamental concept: No-Burn® products remove the fuel a fire needs to burn by protecting the surface on which it is applied. The product, when introduced to highly elevated levels of heat, forms a carbon layer on the substrate to which it was applied, that is not penetrated by fire.  No fuel, no fire.

Now, in addition to its most important function – saving lives, how does this technology provide financial benefits?  According to Bill Kish, No-Burn® Incorporated’s President and CEO, “In many cases, our products can replace other, more expensive materials and methods of construction.  For example, although we would never consider our products to be a replacement for sprinkler systems found in the occupied space of commercial buildings, according to National Fire Protection Association guidelines, we can be determined to be an allowable exception to dry sprinkler systems or antifreeze loops required in the attic space of these same buildings.  And, in addition to providing an impressive amount of fire protection in an application like this, we can potentially reduce the related construction costs by 50 percent or more.”

The introduction of the latest testing accomplishment by the company may make these financial savings even more dramatic.  A series of fire tests, known as NFPA 286 full-scale room corner tests, was run by an accredited testing laboratory early in 2007. The test results showed that the company’s product, No-Burn® Plus, had far superior fire-protection performance when compared to fire retardant treated (FRT) lumber.  For decades, FRT lumber has been contained in U.S. building codes as a “non-combustible” material. These test results were a primary factor contributing to the acceptance of No-Burn® Plus in applications earlier identified by Mr. Kish.  The same test has just been run again with the No-Burn® material, but this time using approximately half the thickness of product applied during the 2007 tests, and again with positive results.  Of course, using half the product means half the product cost! 

Mr. Kish continued, “With these new testing results, we have expanded an already compelling scenario for contractors, building owners, fire officials, building officials and a host of other parties to a situation in which they may not be able to afford not to take a long, hard look at what we have to offer.  Anything that enhances fire protection, while dramatically reducing construction costs has to be considered a breakthrough development in both life safety and construction methodology.”

Apparently, many fire and building officials agree as evidenced by a position paper recently issued by the Maine State Fire Marshal’s office providing approval for the use of the No-Burn® product throughout the State of Maine for these attic applications, known as combustible concealed space. According to Kish, “We have been extremely pleased with the support we have received in the fire and building code community.  Certainly the growing number of architects, general contractors, fire protection contractors and others who have benefited through this productivity enhancing and cost-saving methodology are fueling our efforts to educate decision-makers and get the word out.”

No-Burn®, Inc has been leading the way in the field of fire retardant technology since 1998.  By removing the fuel a fire needs to burn, these products dramatically reduce the possibility of a fire ever starting when applied over substrates such as wood, drywall, fabric, carpet, furniture, fiber-reinforced plastic and many other materials.  Equally important, No-Burn® can reduce toxic smoke by as much as 80 percent.  All No-Burn® products carry a “Class A” rating and are completely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  Several No-Burn® products also offer a dual level of protection, reducing the risk of fire and inhibiting the growth of toxic-black mold. To learn more, please visit our Web site:, or contact us at 800-989-8577 / 330-336-1500. 

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