No-Burn® Announces New Product: Original Mih


For Immediate Release                                                                           
28 August 2008                                                                               
Contact: Lindsay Lenze

The No-Burn® Family of Specialty Surface-Applied Coatings just got a little better!
No-Burn® Announces the Market Introduction of a New Specialty Coating Product: No-Burn® Original Mih

    The world of surface-applied, thin-film, specialty coatings for fire and mold protection has evolved quickly in its relatively short life.  Since the introduction of the first No-Burn® coating formulated for fire protection in 1998, the family of products has been expanded to include intumescent paint, a hybrid fire retardant and reactant for structural lumber, products for specialty applications such as fabric and ornamental vegetation and a host of others.  Additionally, several of the fire protection products have been further developed to include protection against the formation of mold. 

     Never forgetting its roots, the No-Burn® team has just achieved another milestone on the product development front by adding mold protection to the first formulation developed by the company, No-Burn® Original.  The new product, called No-Burn® Original Mih is now commercially available, having just successfully completed ASTM E-84 flame spread testing with an impressive “Class A” rating. 

     According to Bill Kish, President and CEO of No-Burn® Incorporated of Wadsworth, Ohio, “We are very pleased with our product development team for what they have accomplished here.  The addition of mold protection to this versatile product formulation will allow our customers to incorporate a great deal of fire protection into their products and structures, while also significantly contributing to indoor air quality by dramatically reducing the potential for mold formation on treated substrates.”  Kish continues, “In addition to adding a layer of protection for existing applications such as decorative millwork, cabinetry, natural wood roofing and siding, log homes and other end-use applications, this revolutionary product development will also add value to our relationships with OEM customers by enhancing the benefits of in-plant application and working through our extensive Dealer network to upsell a product and service package to their customers for in-field application.” 

     The Class A designation is the highest rating possible for a fire retardant product in the industry standard ASTM E-84 flame spread “tunnel test” and the mold protection attributes of a coating material are verified through the ASTM test method known as D-5584.   Additional information concerning this new product is available from the No-Burn® corporate group or any of its certified Dealers.   

No-Burn®, Inc has been leading the way in the field of fire retardant technology since 1998.  By removing the fuel a fire needs to burn, these products dramatically reduce the possibility of a fire ever starting when applied over substrates such as wood, drywall, fabric, carpet, furniture, fiber-reinforced plastic and many other materials.  Equally important, No-Burn® can reduce toxic smoke by as much as 80 percent.  All No-Burn® products carry a “Class A” rating and are completely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  Several No-Burn® products also offer a dual level of protection, reducing the risk of fire and inhibiting the growth of toxic-black mold.  To learn more, please visit our website:, or contact us at 800-989-8577 / 330-336-1500.

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